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Lois Frankel On the Issues

Social Security & Medicare

Here in South Florida, many of our neighbors and relatives rely on Social Security and Medicare. Our seniors have spent their entire lives contributing to these programs and they deserve to know that Social Security and Medicare will be there for them when they retire.

Lois believes that access to good quality affordable health care is essential for all Americans. Lois has always fought to protect Medicare, by fighting Medicare fraud and ensuring benefits are never reduced.

With Lois’s support, the Inflation Reduction Act made important changes to Medicare to reduce prescription drug costs, caps insulin at $35 per month, makes recommended vaccines free, and caps out of pocket costs for prescriptions at $2,000.

Social Security serves as a lifeline to many seniors to help them live their retirement in dignity. Sadly, many Republicans are trying to reduce benefits. Lois will continue to protect Social Security, work to enhance benefits, and make sure it’s funded for the future by having wealthy individuals pay their fair share.