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Lois Frankel On the Issues

Reproductive Freedom

Lois has never wavered in her belief that a woman must have freedom over their reproductive health without the involvement of government officials. She is a life-long supporter of women’s right to an abortion, birth control, and all reproductive health care. She is one of the lead sponsors of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would ensure access to abortion in every state. She also supports strong federal investment in in all areas of women’s health, including contraception and maternal care.

As a Chair of the Democratic Women’s Caucus, she has helped promote a progressive agenda that fights for equal pay, eliminating sexual harassment, and making sure women and girls have equal access to the tools needed to succeed, so that our communities across the country are more prosperous.

Lois also believes we need more women’s voices in positions of power, which is why she works tirelessly to help get women elected to office, as a co-chair of both Elect Democratic Women, she works to support women congressional candidates across the country.